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APS Advanced Scheduling

 1、On-time delivery----"Just in time delivery" is the primary objective of the production schedule.

2, JIT---- Automatic production tracking, real-time control
3, Easy to insert single ----When the plug is inserted, the system automatically according to the adjustment of the situation, the rapid update scheduling plan.
4, Flexible and easy ---- To improve the production efficiency, to ensure the quality of the product
5, Load balancing will be decomposed into multiple ---- Single machine production
6, The early warning system ---- The ERP production scheduling of the AU to design a reasonable warning system
7, Ling and not chaos ---- The ERP production line of the Union has a strong operability
8, Beautiful report -----The ERP production scheduling for the user to provide a rich and elegant report.


Real time data acquisition
Data acquisition system is the basic part of the whole enterprise production management system, it is through the production of real-time data
The collection and transformation of the enterprise management information system to provide the most basic control basis. At the same time, data acquisition。
The system provides data directly to the production monitoring system, in each operation room or workshop office to play a direct role,
Instruction operation. Production data through data collection, data preprocessing, to ensure that the real time, accuracy, can be
After sex, consistency and integrity, to the full to the real-time database (RTDB) and the core database (KDB)
In order to realize the production process monitoring and other advanced applications.

Multi billboards

Billboards and its essence is to maintain the material and information flow in production to achieve synchronization with the right amount of material, at the right time into the right place, the right to produce quality products. This method can reduce inventory to shorten working hours, reduce costs and improve production efficiency. Kanban management is based on improving efficiency, reduce implementation tools of lean manufacturing practices and ideological basis of the cost of construction, the billboards is to reduce production costs for the basic purpose, in the production system through billboards in full swing in all aspects of production a The new mode of production effectively; and ingenious kanban as if connected to each process nerve chain and plays an important role. Kanban is to pass logistics and information flow between the same before and after the procedure or step.

OpenTeam alliance of ERP production order system the latest generation of multi-functional billboards subsystem is designed for large-scale production-oriented enterprises designed a comprehensive kanban management system, so that the production line Kanban content ﹑ staff education and training, conferences, and media and entertainment event brought together as a whole. For the production of billboards, billboards warehouse, data collection, database connectivity billboards, multimedia billboards and so on.


smart purchase: Material MRP requirements

Material Requirements Planning (Material Requirements Planning, MRP) The implication is: the use of BOM, master production scheduling and inventory data to calculate a set of technical material requirements.

MRP features

Correlation demand

Demand certainty

The complexity of the plan

ISO quality system: quality inspection

Quality Management System

OpenTeam ERP  is in accordance with ISO9000 quality management subsystems to achieve the program, including: IQC inspection, IPQC inspection process, product testing and QA three aspects, specific modules are: basic information (ie, all aspects of the inspection items) Design , IQC inspection (including procurement and outward processing feed inspection), IPQC version Room / CTP test, IPQC inspection process, handling customer complaints, customer returns inspection, product inspection, rework, single, complement the comprehensive treatment and related inquiries. These modules and order management, procurement management, production management, personnel management wages and costs closely interrelated, organic form a whole.


Decision Analysis
   Openteam ERP query system manager, focused on the other systems focus queries statistics module, providing data support for leadership decision-making.