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 Books Magazines Valuation

    Books Magazines valuation system used to calculate the general riding staples, glue binding books and 

hardcover book prices. The system can be the most straight "pages" into "sheets" with just one input with

 paperAll pages of color printing, the system will automatically help you separate the paper printed using a variety 

of posts, how to OpenTeam the paper layout optimization program, and a graphic display, at a glance. Finishing

 with a variety of cover processing projects and a variety of Binding types, simply by changing the number of 

copies "Recalculate" to draw new price, the present system is a book printers indispensable good helper.


 Box valuation (including the valuation of world box)

    Packaging valuation system for calculating the price of printing and packaging boxes. The system can be the most intuitive "length, width and height" into a "sheet", the system has a long variety of commonly used types to choose from, select the box type, simply turn the input box, width, height, jack, tie the margin After size, it will show the box-type plan, input color printing press "Calculate material printing costs" can arise optimized layout OpenTeam paper method, and with a graphic display, at a glance. Finishing with a variety of packaging volume processing projects. Simply change the number of copies press "Recalculate" to draw new unit price. This system is a packaging and printing indispensable good helper.

valuations Bag

Bag printing system can be used to calculate the valuation Bag manufacturing prices. Simply enter handbag finished size, the system will automatically calculate the best method for producing full-bags, half a bag or pouch barge. And a graphic display, the size of products and materials, and how layout, how to OpenTeam the paper, at a glance. Precise calculation method in general and small OpenTeam layout, accurate calculation dental mouth position and pole position. With cutter size, the type of processing and taste. This system is a Tote Bag printers indispensable good helper.


the multi-component valuation

Valuation is a multi-component system can call general valuation system, packaging boxes valuation system, space boxes valuation system, handbag valuation system, books and magazines valuation system. The system can be accurately quoted in the boutique boxes and the like. Contains many parts of the offer in respect of a lingua franca in those products, such as big box sets offer several small boxes and the like. With this system offer, convenient, and fast, quickly saving time cost. And the system will automatically help you calculate how OpenTeam the paper layout optimization program, and a graphic display, at a glance. Simply change the number of copies press "Recalculate" to obtain a new unit price.

General Valuation

General printing valuation system is used to calculate the flat square of printed materials, such as posters, leaflets, cards and other cards. System can choose the most optimized OpenTeam paper typesetting methods. And graphically displays, more thoughtful and accurate calculation of the optional unit with pole position, all kinds of finishing the project is complete, you can simply make a choice, you can immediately obtain new monovalent printed matter, when another change just press "recalculate". Simple, fast and accurate, is essential printer parts valuation is a good helper.